Why TBPL !!!

Our experience in creating the best living spaces as per the latest trends, gives all the comfort of a good home and brings us the reputation that we enjoy today. The customer is our king, and our success lies in their happiness and satisfaction.

Clear Title Deed

The land required to be purchased for the project is duly vetted by our Advocates for the following:-
• The property is free from all sorts of encumbrances, lien, charges, mortgages, etc.
• The seller has valid, absolute, clear and marketable title to the property.
• The land owners has updated land tax receipt, possession and location certificate, Copy of Basic Tax Receipt (BTR) and Thandaper extract issued from Village Officer.
• The property is Dry land as per BTR category and Residential Zone in Master Plan and Town Planning Scheme.
On vetting by the Advocate the whole documents related to land, the Advocate issues the legal opinion stating the land owner has a clear title to sell the property and can be purchased. Upon receiving the legal clearance the property is purchased in the name of our Company.

Transparent Deals

Customer purchasing the flat or villa is well appraised of the following at any point of time.

  • Clear title deed by checking through legal advisor.
  • RERA registration certificate.
  • Status of the Project.
  • Statement of Accounts.

Assured Quality

TBPL assures quality by :
• Designing the project with space concept, environmental friendly etc.
• Dedicated and efficient technical team.
• Using branded product with ISI standards.
• Doing quality tests at site and Laboratory.

Timely Handing Over

TBPL with more than 3 decades of construction experience, ensures that the construction activities are well planned in advance, materials are acquired on time through proper planning and logistics, to ensure time bound completion of the project. Hard work and commitment helps us to complete the project well ahead of schedule and hand over to our customers. We can genuinely boast that almost all our projects are completed ahead of schedule because we value our customers hard earned money. On-time completion benefits our customers, especially those who have availed for bank loans.

Factors helping us to timely handing over:
1) Dedicated project management team.
2) Effective time management with well-defined total project schedule, monthly and weekly schedule.
3) Efficient and experienced team of customer care executives to look after all the requirements of all our customers by communicating with our customers on the progress of the project, by sending them photos of different milestones, photos of different stages of work completion in their particular apartment and so on.
4) Co-operation of our customers with us.
Hence our customers are a relaxed and a satisfied lot and happy to associate with our current and future projects.

Prompt After Sales Service

We have a committed and dedicated team to ensure unparalleled customer service with a proven pedigree of excellence – CUSTOMER CARE – RELATION Department.
We assist you and look after all your requirements from the very day you become a member of the TBPL family and throughout in our projects.

We assist you in:

  • Home loan documentation,
  • Customization of your dream home to the best possible manner,
  • Registration of your property,
  • Ownership change,
  • Obtaining service connections,

After the handing over of the project our Customer Relations Department assist in the following

  • Repair and maintenance work,
  • Arrangement for rentals,
  • Arrangement for resale.
  • Periodical cleaning of the flat/villa in the absence of the customer.
  • Payments of property tax, electricity bill etc.

TBPL assures complete customer satisfaction during the buying process as well as after sales and thus ensures the customer a stress free and healthy life style.