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Complete Guide on Water Conservation Tips for Apartments

With the increase in population versus decrease in water level in our country is a major issue. Considering the issue of water scarcity that is occurring day-by-day due to various reasons has bound people to look for various ways that can help them to preserve water. Moreover, it’s not only water, it’s safe and clean water that is lacking. Due to adverse weather conditions and due to huge developments water bodies and forests are demolished to create economic source for people. In this scenario the only way left out is, be conscious and start initiating water conservation at various places. Now-a-days well reputed apartment developers and owners association are coming up with several methods for water conservation.
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17 Pre-Requisite Monsoon Tips for Home

Are you living in a flat in Thrissur where there is a distinct monsoon season? Then, you must be aware of how much pleasure and frustration this season brings. This season helps you to get rid of the sweltering heat of the summer and simultaneously, it also evokes your emotions. Though this is a vivacious season which fills everything with life, still, this particular time of the year brings myriad of problems. If you ignore these problems, then they might have the potential to do long-term damage to your abode.
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