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17 Pre-Requisite Monsoon Tips for Home

Are you living in a flat in Thrissur where there is a distinct monsoon season? Then, you must be aware of how much pleasure and frustration this season brings. This season helps you to get rid of the sweltering heat of the summer and simultaneously, it also evokes your emotions. Though this is a vivacious season which fills everything with life, still, this particular time of the year brings myriad of problems. If you ignore these problems, then they might have the potential to do long-term damage to your abode.
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Complete Guide on Water Conservation Tips for Apartments

With the increase in population versus decrease in water level in our country is a major issue. Considering the issue of water scarcity that is occurring day-by-day due to various reasons has bound people to look for various ways that can help them to preserve water. Moreover, it’s not only water, it’s safe and clean water that is lacking. Due to adverse weather conditions and due to huge developments water bodies and forests are demolished to create economic source for people. In this scenario the only way left out is, be conscious and start initiating water conservation at various places. Now-a-days well reputed apartment developers and owners association are coming up with several methods for water conservation.
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Is Buying an Apartment a Good Investment in Kerala?

Kerala is one of the most vivacious and beautiful states in the Southern parts of India. This state boasts of legacy, literature, culture and arts and thus, plays a big role in the tourism industry of India. Over the past few years, Kerala has noticed an astounding growth in the field of real estate and hence, this state is considered as one of the most livable states in India. Investors from all over the country are showing their inclination towards this place because every year a chunk of people are migrating to this place in order to lead a healthy and wholesome life. Nowadays, you may find many builders in Thrissur are embracing the customers with flats in Thrissur and luxury apartments in Thrissur so that they can enjoy their living.
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9 Tips to Increase Property Value of Your Home

People keep on tweaking and researching on tips to make their homes beautiful. Do you feel there is something about your home that brings down its appeal? Most of the times people add a new room to make up for the appeal that their homes seem to lack. By doing this, they are committing a big mistake.The next time you feel like adding a new room, abandon the thought and instead renovate your home that will indeed be helpful to increase home property value.Whether you are planning to sell or to enjoy the happiness of living in your dream home, this is what you need.
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Home Loan Process For Under Construction Flat

Are you going to purchase an under construction flat in Thrissur from a top builder in Thrissur? Certainly, you must be baffled with a chunk of queries. In this article, we are going to provide you with a handy guide to solve all your queries so that you can complete your home loan process in a hassle-free way.
Certain things you need to be careful while purchasing an under construction flat. Because most of the banks are a little apprehensive while sanctioning home loan for an under construction property. Thorough documentation is required to complete the process. Also read about some property documents checklist here.
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Advantages of Luxury Apartment Living

People planning  to build their dream homes is only a memory for urban Keralites today. The lifestyle scenario in Kerala is taking up a different shape with more number of people opting for apartment living.

Luxury apartment living is becoming a great hit, with the boom in modernization & sophistication, emergence of industrialization, soaring land prices, housing prices, rising population and the need for better security homes are some of the factors that has led people to abandon the thoughts of owning an independent home.

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How to Keep Top Floor Apartment Cool in the Summer?

You have already entered in the month of March and the sweltering heat of the sun is making your life miserable. During this scorching summer, it is impossible to stay outside for a long time, that’s why people are preferring to prefer spending most of their time inside the home in the summer. But it won’t be an easier job for you to stay cool and comfortable inside your home during the summer especially if you are living on the top floor flats or an apartment in Thrissur. As heat wave raise, you can certainly notice there is a temperature gap between the lower and top floors of your building.
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Small Apartment Balcony Ideas in Kerala

Are you dreaming of having a decorated balcony that can be an entertaining and a cosy place where you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding and shimmering sunset? But not all of you are fanciful in decorating balcony because most of you treat this small place like storeroom where you can dump your daily utilities. But with your creativity and innovation, you can get some beautiful small apartment balcony ideas which will certainly uplift the look of your balcony. If you are living in a tiny apartment in Thrissur or a flat in Thrissur that you have purchased from a pre-eminent builders in Thrissur, these small balcony design ideas play an imperative role in your interior designing. Also check out advantages of apartment living here.
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